Founded in 2007, having 4000+ products, ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC is an ISO 9001 certified company and the most trusted and well-known supplier of pre-hospital medical equipment within the UAE, GCC, Middle East & Africa. ARASCA’s vision is to provide quality products based on people’s needs to ensure public care and safety. ARASCA is committed to play its role in fulfilling the aim of the UAE government of healthy and safe environment for residents by investing in bringing innovative solutions and right products for the health and safety of the people. ARASCA believes in corporate social responsibility by returning a part of its earnings to society via donations, sponsorships and charity events.

ARASCA offers a complete fire/emergency evacuation solution. Major products used in fire/emergency evacuation are Proskid, Albacmat, Basket stretcher, fire blanket, burn kits, mobile trauma first aid station, emergency stretcher etc. ARASCA is the proud sole distributor for Philips, Spencer (Italy), HSE products from St. Johns (UK) and Reliance Medical (UK) in the UAE region.

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