Following the success of Health, Safety and Security Forum 2017, we bring you the 2018 edition of the conference, which will focus on the future of safety; promoting occupational health, an adequate and safe work environment and ways to enhance productivity.

The conference is the perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders, international speakers and decision makers who can help you with solutions to protect your needs. It is the perfect meeting place to discuss the opportunities and challenges across a number of areas in Kuwait’s safety and security industry.

This includes:

  • Technology – the use of technology to improve risk management performance; increasing safety compliance, enhancing productivity and efficiency and improving company's overall business performance.
  • Safety excellence - developing the mindset of a safety excellence organisation; using incident rates as the driving measure of performance, strategically planned business improvement process, forging a strong culture by building strong values and collaborative relationships.
  • Design standards - achieving process safety improvements by ensuring high levels of design integrity, analysing and comparing the lagging and listing indicators, critical equipment specifications with the right design standards and focusing on process safety effectiveness as a function of performance and effectivity.
  • Safety challenges – a panel discussion will look at the implementation of safety standards and how the industry can tackle some the challenges this may bring.
  • HSE performance - using data technologies and analytics to improve HSE performance, predicting incidents before they occur, identifying the driving factors of incidents using predictive modelling techniques, reducing human cost of safety and severity of workplace incidents, combining technology with human ingenuity.
  • Total Quality Management techniques - increasing productivity while maintaining low cost of services, ensuring quality, reliability and competitiveness, establishing a safer work environment. Civil Defence Authority Regulations; new fire safety codes, awareness against fire, fire safety review for all buildings (tall & sustainable), testing and maintenance of fire fighting equipment, rendezvous with official evacuation partner.
  • New trends in HSE – A panel discussion with Gary Hicks - general manager, EVAC+ Chair International Ltd, will explore policy and market trends in HSE and mock evacuation fire drill; a live fire drill to replicate genuine emergency situations.