About HSS-Kuwait

Kuwait’s Vision 2035 plan presents seven strategic pillars and objectives which aims to promote production efficiency, protects values, safeguard social identity and create an inspiring business environment.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Public Administration: Reform administrative and bureaucratic practices to reinforce transparency, accountability and efficiency in the government.
  • Economy: Develop a prosperous and diversified economy to reduce the country’s dependency on oil export revenues.
  • Infrastructure: Develop and modernize the national infrastructure to improve the quality of life for all citizens.
  • Living Environment: Ensure the availability of living accommodation through environmentally sound resources and tactics.
  • Healthcare: Improve service quality and develop national capabilities in the public healthcare system at a reasonable cost.
  • Human Capital: Reform the education system to better prepare youth to become competitive and productive members of the workforce.
  • Global Position: Enhance Kuwait’s regional and global presence in spheres such as diplomacy, trade, culture, and philanthropy.

Health Safety & Security Review is honoured to present ‘Health Safety & Security Forum Kuwait 2018’ on 24-25 September 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The event will attract visionary HSE experts from across a number of industries in an effort to promote occupational health, adequate and safe work environment and enhance productivity. Alongside the conference, a host of exhibitors will showcase their latest technologies, products and services for the market.

The Summit

Health, Safety & Security Forum Kuwait 2018 is the premier forum for enhancing HSE performance in Kuwait, highlighting the best practices, process improvements, technological advancements and innovative applications. Taking place in Kuwait, a major hub for the oil, gas and construction industries, all at the forefront of sustainable development, the summit provides a neutral forum where a wide range of perspectives and concerns from a variety of stakeholders can be explored.

This year's conference will focus on the need for collaboration. In light of the current global climate, it is essential to maximise HSE programmes to help meet the needs of shareholders and stakeholders alike. The 2018 edition will gather industry experts to network and share the case studies and presentations, illustrate challenges, successes and new implementations and innovations which drive businesses today. The forum will address the major challenges in health, safety and security and promote best practices to drive innovation and growth.

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