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A A 2017 Robustor AB Image aplusa2017.2517611 VmffnsJUQgq5HtpDqSMnaQRobustor launches a Swedish safety trainer brand - WHAPE

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bismayah cityRestrata was selected to design, develop and install the first of seven multi-million dollar, high security checkpoints that will protect the entrances to the Bismayah City, Iraq, an US$8bn dollar project, creating 100,000 housing units south of Baghdad, designed as a self-contained ‘safe city’ where all entry and exit into the area is controlled

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LawHow one should respond to an emergency situation in the workplace is a question asked daily in workplaces across the UAE, and which our clients are increasingly asking Clyde & Co

"Should I help or wait for the police / ambulance?"

"Can I be prosecuted if I administer first-aid and the injured dies?"

"Can I be prosecuted if I do not administer first-aid?"

Clyde & Co previously published the below article to address these questions and provide a practical guide to those facing these decisions in the course of their employment. At the date of this publication no "Good Samaritan" law exists in the UAE and so the guidance set out below remains an essential guide for those faced with these challenges

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2016 DSC4443DNV GL’s new DNVGL-RP-G108 cyber security aims to help the operators, system integrators and vendors to manage and prevent emerging cyber threat in the oil and gas industry, which is caused due to the increased digitalisation in the sector across the world

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