bus 10The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi has announced to offer all safety means at the start of the new school year in collaboration with its stakeholders

DoT strives to assure the highest levels of safety and security during the students' transport between home and school.
DoT advises school bus drivers, operators, school administrations, supervisors and parents to comply with school transport legislation and directions stated at the Executive Regulation Concerning the School Transport. According to it, all schools are obliged to offer safe transport services by either using its buses or working with other operators.
To that regard, DoT urged the drivers to stop when the Stop Signs on the school buses pop out. Drivers are also requested to give priority to school students to get on their buses easily and to be careful while driving near pedestrian lines or in the school campuses. Cars parked should not block the traffic and drivers should not bypass other vehicles or buses. DoT invited all concerned parties with school transport to be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.
Currently, DoT is working with its stakeholders to increase the number of field visits conducted in order to enhance the level of traffic awareness. DoT confirmed its enforcement of the law in order to assure achieving the highest levels of health and safety. This will consequently offer a safe, integrated and sustainable school transport system and will fully serve the public demands.