vcsPRAsset 3424962 97774 6cf706eb 97b6 4d74 b8ba c97c53f57c83 0 1The British workwear manufacturers, Wearwell, have launched a cutting-edge arc flash protection and flame-resistant clothing range using advanced fabric technology

The major new launch comes under the award-winning workwear manufacturer’s Tecwear label and is among the most advanced workwear of its kind, according to a statement by the company.

After the lengthy collaboration, research, design and development with employers, workers at risk of arc flash and fire-related hazards and fabric manufacturers, the new arc flash protection and flame-resistant garments were created.

Steve Hill, sales and service director from Wearwell, said, “Creating workwear that can protect against arc flash exposure has meant working closely with fabric manufacturers and wearers. We have spent 12 months fully immersed in this area of PPE as we seek to understand how we can mitigate this hazard without compromising on comfort. In doing so, we have designed a brand-new range of workwear able to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 12,000°C, explosive forces, emission of plasma, fast-moving debris and hot liquids.”

Tecwear’s PPE workwear sets a new standard with superior fabrics and carefully considered designs that enhance wearer comfort and protection. This new range includes a two-tone coverall, jacket, and two sets of pants, one tone the other single colour.

In addition to the outerwear, a supporting range of arc and FR protection underwear, including a balaclava, pants, long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of socks, have been developed to ensure complete head-to-toe protection.

The new Tecwear arc from Wearwell protects covers, jackets, pants and base layers that meet British and European safety standards.

Each garment in the collection is manufactured in accordance with Article 11b legislation and all arc protection garments have been subjected to strict BTTG testing and certification. Tecwear arc protective clothing is accredited and complies with the latest IEC 61482–protective clothing against electric arc thermal hazards.