Dr. Huda Khaleefa Alsalmi finished her Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Engineering from University of U.A.E, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates in 2000 and Master in Remote Sensing & Geographic information system from the University of U.A.E, AlAin, United Arab Emirates in 2007. She earned herself the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Developing a Spatial Decision Support System for Sustainable Built Environments in Abu Dhabi from the Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

Dr. Huda Khaleefa Alsalmi has over 15 years of diversified experience in the field of Sustainable Development, GIS, mapping and architectural design. Currently, working as the Head of EHS Office and Mapping & imagery section, Abu Dhabi city Municipality, responsible to establish and ensure implementation of the HSE Management System, establish Project HSE Plan including HSE Policy, supervising and leading cartography, imagery, Base map and data management teams. Previously to that she was the Head of Mapping & Archiving Section for Town Planning Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municpality, UAE.

She has long term experience in the coordination of projects on topographic surveys and Spatial Data development and architectural design. Practical experience as a Senior Architect in the Design Section of Building Projects Sector with multidimensional roles as Project Architect, Lead Architect, General Projects Coordinator, Projects Engineer and Shop Drawing Supervisor, ensuring the quality of design deliverable and progress of projects within the agreed time scale, budget and client requirements. Dr. Huda Khaleefa Alsalmi has experience in the implementation of Building Projects Design & Construction related policies and procedures, monitoring the work of Engineering Consultants engaged in the design and supervision of projects and conduct analysis of the special condition & circumstances arises on the project. She is known for her organization and coordination skills as well as carrying out of multidisciplinary projects in different sectors.