• BSc-Chemistry ( India ) ,   M.B.A., Total Quality Management/ International Marketing , Leicester University (U.K.)

Relevant Achievements/ Major Projects

  • Strategically and ethically have placed Al Hoty-Stanger Laboratories as the premier testing laboratory in the U.A.E. for the food, water, oil and environmental sectors
  • Audit of government testing laboratories in Iraq on the requirement of USDOD/Interim Iraq government and Cotechna
  • Speaker, Climate Control Conference, Dubai – 2014, “Modes of transfer of Biological contaminants especially Legionella sp”
  • Speaker at the IIR-ME conference on “Regulation of Local Standards for Food Migration Testing”.
  • Speaker at the Green Chef conference regards, “The Importance of Testing in the Food and Water Industry and its uses to reduce Wastage in an Environmentally friendly way”
  • Speaker, 7th  Edition Climate Control Conference, Doha Qatar, “Understanding Chemical & Bacteriological testing – a key component of a cooling tower’s water management programme.”
  • Panel Member, Food Chain Conference, Doha Qatar - 2013, “Top tier food safety and Q.A. practices”, “Minimum spoilage and increase in store profitability”.
  • Speaker, Food Chain Conference, Doha Qatar - 2013, “Scientific benefits of consuming water from Qatar’s potable water supply”.
  • Panel Member, Food Chain Conference, Dubai – 2013, “Zeroing in on the broken link between samples at testing laboratories and the vendors”.
  • Speaker, Climate Control Conference, Dubai – 2013, “Indoor Air Quality in Schools, Nurseries & Hospitals”.
  • Currently on the Dubai Municipality’s ( Dubai Accreditation Centre ) task force panel to aid in standardising the Food and Environmental laboratories procedures .