Geoffrey Williams QFSM, is founder and President & CEO of 3Ci Global Solutions Total Risk Consulting and creator of CMTV-CRISIS MANAGEMENT TELEVISION, the world's first bespoke TV channel for crisis and disaster management. He is the designer of the world's first 'Six Sigma' based principle for vastly improving emergency management for industry and businesses worldwide titled: Ci6 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING ( )

His innovative emergency management developments and unique presentation techniques were first recognized when he was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship for his outstanding research and development initiatives into improving the areas businesses approaches to managing counter-terrorism crises and emergency disaster management incidents. This resulted in him working ‘operationally’ throughout the USA with many leading US Fire and Police Departments, e.g. New York, Denver, Phoenix to name a few and also FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management) Disaster management task forces.

Mr. Williams is a much sought after international technical operational consultant advisor on all aspects of business and industrial emergency management. As a former Chief Fire and Rescue Officer his experiences include attending to numerous major disasters and catastrophic incidents both nationally and internationally.