Peter Van Gorp is the Director of the Fire and Life Safety Division at AESG with responsibility of running and developing the division.

Prior to joining AESG, Peter worked in the fire consultancy and engineering at several companies, including Tebodin and Ramboll.

Peter has been working as a Fire Engineer for more than twenty-three years of which 13 years in the Middle East in the building construction market as well as the oil and gas market.

He handled building fire and life safety projects ranging from schools, hotels, hospitals to large shopping malls to multi occupancy high rise and industrial developments, from initial concept to assistance during construction.

Peter has also been involved in the fire safety system design and engineering fire safety system construction supervision and site management and in assistance and witnessing of testing and commissioning of fire and life safety systems.

He has extensive experience in fire risk assessments ranging from qualitative fire risk assessments of refinery and chemical processes to quantitative fire risk assessments of installations. In his role, he has conducted numerous risk assessments involving gas installations and involving the storage and handling of hazardous materials as well as fire safety audits of chemical plants, refineries, oil and gas terminals and paint factories. Peter has chaired What-if analysis and value engineering sessions.