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Kitchen oil fire demonstration 4A technology-led initiative to transform the way oil and gas workers around the world undertake safety-critical emergency response training has received cross-continent support from organisations keen to be part of its development

More than a dozen training providers from across the world have signed up to become champions of the Digital Standards Integration, an industry programme to create regulated, consistent online safety and training Standards with world-class credibility and compliance.

Companies including Maersk Training, IFAP, MTC International, ERGT Australia, STC-KNRM Offshore Safety, AIS Group, Shell Roberts, M&A Safety Services, Petans, Bastion Technologies, GTSC, Yassine Marine Services, Survival Systems India and Megamas Training will all contribute to the creation, testing and pilot of the digital integration ahead of its launch later this year.

An integral part of ensuring the new digital standard is robust, practical and fit for purpose, the training providers will be involved in shaping the knowledge and learning elements that will transfer from the current standard into the digital version. Some training providers will also make their facilities available for filming live sequences which will be incorporated into the digital elements of the BOSIET course.

They will also be part of the piloting process of the digital elements of the standard in key energy hubs around the world, prior to its full global launch.

“The oil and gas industry is changing and it is vital that the way we set standards, train people and assess competence continues to be relevant, effective and reflects the changing need of employers and workers,” said OPITO International managing director Graham Gall.

“Critical to the market and sought by a number of major employers, the inclusion of a digital element in the training offering represents a significant shift in how the workforce has been trained to date, providing an alternative choice of learning to the traditional classroom-based element of safety standards.

The need for, and introduction of, digital standards has been unanimously supported by oil and gas employers across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, UK and Europe.

Available on an opt-in basis, the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), Tropical BOSIET and BOSIET CA EBS will be the first standards launched and made available through the digital offering.

The digital BOSIET, TBOSIET and BOSIET CA EBS will be available in Q3 2017.