Best Practice Post Covid-19

Best Practice Post Covid-19

Exclusive Regulatory Updates

Exclusive Regulatory Updates

Digital Transformation




Digital Transformation

Working in Hazardous Environments

Working in Hazardous Environments

Section 1: Exclusive Regulatory Updates

UAE National Health & Climate Change Strategic Framework

  • Review the 9 Principles of Safety Leadership Behaviour and understand how this core philosophy will optimise organisational HSE throughout the UAE.
  • Understand how MOHAP plan to assess and improving safety culture within organizations and how you can best prepare for upcoming changes to existing procedures.
  • Hear MOHAP define ‘leadership’ in terms of safety to ensure you and your organization are working to the appropriate behavioural expectations when operating in the UAE.

Dr. Maisoon Ali Al Shaali, Head of Environmental Section, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Changes to Occupational Health & Safety

  • Examine the effect of Covid-19, and other major global transformative forces, affecting occupational health and safety to best position organisations to address these in 2021.
  • Understand the magnitude of occupational related disorders globally and how these have historically been met, and how we can improve on these throughout 2021..
  • Hear MOHAP’s latest strategies to improve occupational safety and health coverage of workers throughout the UAE and how your organization can prepare for upcoming change.

Dr. Mona Shawki , Specialist-Occupational Medicine, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Overview of legal accident investigation process by DM and related lesson learnt

  • Overview onafter math of accidents- process of accident reporting by companies
  • Introduction to methodology of legal accident investigation by DM
  • Most common accidents in Dubai
  • Common causes of various accidents in Dubai industries
  • Lesson learnt and expectation from industries

Eng. Mohamed Abdula Almarzooqi, Head of Accident Investigation team,Health and Safety Department, Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality, Technical Guidelines: MEWP – GU67 and MCWP – GU71

  • Overview of DM guidelines understanding how to comply with the updated TG learn how to improve productivity, efficiency and working safely on mobile elevated platforms.
  • Implement the best practices by deploying safe system of work procedures, identifying site hazards and the use of proper PPE equipment.
  • In depth talk on working at height safely.

Jason Woods, Regional Manager Middle East, IPAF

Innovations is keeping the UAE safe and how to continually improve standards

  • Why excellence in safety is important everywhere but just a little more important in the UAE
  • Looking at the greatest risks in our environment and how our approach now can set safety and well-being standards for the next generation
  • We will look at how ensuring leading health, safety and well-being standards are met, maintained and constantly improved takes a multidisciplinary approach including cladding, water proofing, energy efficiency and fire safety.

Leigh Hayman, MSc CMIOSH and Founder, 4see Consultancy

Section 2: Best Practice Post Covid-19

Role of DM in Covid 19 Epidemic Control in Emirates of Dubai

  • National disinfection programme and safe distancing rules
  • Preventive and precautionary measures related to public health and food establishments
  • Issuing guidelines on the management of quarantine & isolation facilities to ensure best standards and procedures are applied to control spread of the virus
  • Providing media and communication teams to enhance awareness through social media and also respond to public inquires around the clock

Dr. Naseem Rafee, Director Health & Safety, Dubai Municipality

COVID-19's Impat in the UAE

  • Analyse the impact Covid-19 has had on HSE standards, requirements and operations in the UAE to identify the necessary changes organizations need to consider to operate effectively
  • Openly discuss the challenges Covid-19 continues to deliver and how NCEMA can offer critical guidance to support safe operations
  • Hear the latest best practice and sustainable processes NCEMA have established to deliver consistent HSE operations in light of Covid-19 annd how to comply with these standards

Salem Salmeen Alnuaimi , Head of Safety, National Crisis & Emergency Management Centre – United Arab Emirates

Managing COVID-19

  • Develop clear and precise guidelines to eliminate COVID-19 transmission, protect the workforce and ensure business continuity
  • See how real-time contact tracing and mapping helps in timely and effective epidemic monitoring and response
  • Understand the importance and benefits of patient/doctor communication, monitoring follow-up, and recovery

Mohanned Khreis, Country HSEQ Manager, AlMansoori Specialized Engineering

Safety Elements in an Adventure Park

  • Certification, Daily Safety Check- Physical and Visual
  • Weather Conditions
  • Replacement of Circuits
  • Design elements and what to consider

Cliff Poulton, General Manager, Aventura Parks Dubai

Lina Malas, Managing Director, Aventura Parks Dubai

Public Health in 2021

  • Discover the relationship between public health and overall healthcare to see why a focus on public health projects in 2021 is key in the post Covid-19 environment
  • Identify significant chronic bio-disruptors that could be controlling our health or lack of and takeaway best practice processes that can support better public health
  • Delve into Healology’s chronic bio-disruption process and learn how you can develop this into your organization’s HSE procedures

Dr. Hannan Selim, Founder, Healology Academy Dubai

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Supplement

  • Supports the immune system and fights inflammation to fight off harmful bacteria and prevent infections
  • Transforms into a hormone in the body and circulates in the bloodstream to normal mineralisation of bones
  • Stimulates the pancreas thereby triggering the insulin process which is key for managing blood sugar levels and diabetic control

Dr. Naheed Elahi, Intensivist - Dubai Hospital, Dubai Health Authority

Hygiene Protocol- VINNER HOPE(Health Optimization Photocatalytic Ecosystem)

  • Purifying air with use of FS-ACT Technology to improve health, wellbeing and work place comfort.
  • Effective neutralisation & microbiological decontamination for a clean and healthy environment
  • Creating safer places to work resulting in lower absenteeism rate, high efficiency and higher productivity

Cherian Varghese, Founder & CEO, VIN Technologies

Building a successful hse strategy

  • Develop a road map to take organizations from independent stage to interdependent stage. A journey from Compliance to Excellence
  • The role of HSE Practitioners, as a catalyst, in setting the right mindset among people
  • Understanding how to become data and technology led organization. Using the right tools to improve the HSE performance

Sutharson sathaiah, Senior Manager - HSE & Risk, Global Village Dubai

Section 3: Sustainability

Accelerating the Transition to Sustainability

  • Hear the methods that the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) to implement an efficient and effective sustainability strategy
  • Review the checkpoints and objectives that are necessary to overcome in order to optimize the adoption of change and a smooth transition to sustainability
  • Examine the new processes and technologies which will help the UAE achieve its sustainability goals in a timely manner

Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson, Emirates Environmental Group

Establishing and Sustaining an Optimized Safety Culture

  • Learn how the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority have developed a leading safety culture within a high reliability industry in order to minimize risk
  • Understand how the aviation sector identifies and classifies risk and why stringent HSE processes offer an extremely robust comparative safety culture
  • See the safety aspects of this high reliability industry that you could adopt to strengthen your organizations HSE culture

Hafidh Masoud, Head of Aerodrome Safety, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority United Arab Emirates

Demonstrating Sustainability and Excellency

  • Examine the role of ISO standards in developing uniformity and a global integrity standards for HSE Management Systems irrespective of your organization’s industry or operations
  • Implement globally recognised technical guidelines that effectively deliver Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Energy Systems to optimize your HSE and workforce
  • Achieve excellence in sustainability by focusing on cutting edge risk analysis and control measures that also offer a reduction in carbon foot-printing to future proof your organization

Rehan Haider, Manager QHSE, TECOM Group

PANEL: Achieving Sustainability

  • Encourage businesses to frame decisions in terms of environmental, social, and human impact for the long-term by twinning goals with sustainability and efficiency
  • Hear Fujairah’s commitment to zero-waste and to reduce overall emissions to ensure you are positioned to reach these goals and operate effectively in the emirate
  • Build a bespoke HSE plan that encompasses profits, planet & people, to offer a future-proof business model for the private sector in the UAE

Dr. Hithame Al Khodry, Head of QHSE, Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation

Rehan Haider, Manager QHSE, TECOM Group

Reshaping the Workplace & Delivering Productivity

  • Discover how to create a stable and secure work environment in the post-Covid UAE, which encourages productivity but delivers safety
  • Understand the importance of trust, social cohesion and inclusion to create an effective HSE mechanism that all employees have ownership of
  • Specify the individual purpose and expected contribution of employees to develop a culture of responsibility throughout the entire organisation

Steve Halligan, Founder & Managing Director, Core Group Dubai

Sustainability through Higher Education

  • Developing a virtual culture for universities to encourage an innovative mentality while adapting to a new and uncertain future
  • Providing access and guaranteeing equal opportunity to lower-income students and to members of disadvantaged minorities
  • Ensuring nutrition, physical & mental health and overall wellbeing of faculty and students thereby emphasizing the role of digital learning to improve the quality of education from here after

Dr. Vinod Shukla, Associate Professor, Amity University

Establishing and Sustaining an Optimized Safety Culture

  • Learn how the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority have developed a leading safety culture within a high reliability industry in order to minimize risk
  • Understand how the aviation sector identifies and classifies risk and why stringent HSE processes offer an extremely robust comparative safety culture
  • See the safety aspects of this high reliability industry that you could adopt to strengthen your organizations HSE culture

Hafidh Masoud, Head of Aerodrome Safety, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority United Arab Emirates

The Vision 9 Platform; Predict and prevent events by driving positive decisions, behaviors and automated controls in critical moments

  • Break Silos
  • 360 risk
  • Integrate Processes
  • Drive Productivity
  • Predict & Prevent

Mick Colemen, Enterprise Account Manager, MENA, Wolters Kluwer | Enablon

Section 4: Digital Transformation

Implementing Artificial Intelligence & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Analyse the impact of disruptive technologies and the challenges of integrating emerging tech as a solution to HSE requirements
  • Review how the UAE is approaching the detection and deflection of security intrusions using AI and how this best practice sets a global standard
  • See how 4IR can offer improved healthcare and increase human capital to offer a safer, more effective and sustainable workforce in the UAE

Dr. Mohammed Aref, Occupational Safety and Health Expert, Ministry of HR & Emiritization - United Arab Emirates

PANEL: Online HSE Training - The New Normal

  • Utilise the available free online tools to streamline the process thereby increasing productivity and optimising the new work environment
  • Discover the advantages of a controlled environment with multifaceted media support to enhance knowledge transfer to create a culture of prevention and safeguarding of good work
  • Understand the benefits and savings of online training to assess the risk of infection and list the basic hygiene measures to protect against infection

Shoukry Anwar, HSEQ Manager, AlMansoori Specialized Engineering

End. Read Marzooqi, Head of Safety Engineering, Dubai Municipality

Dr. Mohammed Al Dhanhani,  Section Manager OHS, Dubai Municipality

Section 5: Working in Hazardous Environments

Process Safety Management & Human Factors - An Experiential Approach 

  • The development of PSM
  • The definition of Human Factors and their importance
  • Introduction into the EI’s PSM Guidelines: Edition 2 and the PSM Framework
  • Overview of key aspects of PSM and Human factors as per the latest Elsevier Pubication on PSM and Human Factors - An Experietial Approach

Dr. Waddah S Ghanem Al Hashmi,Hon Chairman , Energy Institute Middle East

Working Safely in Confined Spaces

  • Develop a best practice risk assessment based on FNRC’s processes of hazard identification and how risk is quantified for work in confined spaces
  • Examine the importance of core procedures, including air quality testing, and how these simple tasks form the backbone of leading HSE mechanism
  • Access the specific engineering controls FNRC have implemented to remove the root cause of hazards, rather than treat the symptoms

Dr. Hithame Al Khodry, Head of QHSE, Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation

Working in Excessive Heat

  • Understand why employee awareness & training of heat hazards is an essential part of minimizing risks of ill-health throughout the GCC
  • Establish a culture of acclimatization through a tried and tested heat stress control programme to protect workers from temperature related illness
  • Understand why supervisors need a monitoring mechanism for workers to develop effective ways to control heat risk and provide appropriate action in case of emergencies

Dr. Ali Al Homood, Research Scientist, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research – KISR

IIRSM – The Local and Global Risk Management Champion

  • Championing risk management to drive positive change for both employee and organisational wellbeing
  • Setting standards, connecting people and organisations by providing practical education and training
  • Providing high quality and accurate training experience that enable learners to effectively manage risks in their workplaces

Peter Hurley,Chairman,IIRSM United Arab Emirates