Maxxess Systems Partners with Seek ThermalMaxxess Systems, a specialist in event response management and collaboration systems, has partnered with advanced imaging technology company Seek Thermal to provide a complete temperature screening solution to help manage health risks

 This complete solution, unlike stand-alone temperature screening systems, helps organisations not only detect health risks in real time, but also trigger immediate automated security system protocols and then follow through by taking appropriate action in line with their policies and tracking results to completion.

This new solution brings two major elements together to create the complete solution. The first is Seek Scan’s simple, precise automated temperature screening system which is specifically designed and calibrated for measuring the skin temperature. This non-contact thermal imaging technology is ideal for lobbies, hallways and other important points of access.

When a person is detected with an elevated temperature, an alert is set to the second important element of the system – Maxxess’s Health Risk Management application from InSite. The InSite system is integrated with access control, communication and other systems, and can take programmed immediate action to align with company policies.

The system may, for example, deny the individual entry and instruct them to wait for an HR representative. If a contagious disease is confirmed, the system can assist in timely, accurate follow-up management, surveys to confirm the status of coworkers and recent contacts, and provide clear, trustworthy information to all relevant personnel.