SESSION 1: Digitalising HSE: Driving Transformation

  • Understand how AI, IoT and ML can empower your organisation by identifying potential hazards with the help of real time data and remote safety monitoring to optimise risk management and minimise LTI
  • Learn how cutting-edge technologies are helping companies streamline reporting processes and improve operational efficiencies by establishing a single source of truth, expediting compliance procedures and approvals to improve productivity
  • Access insights on the future of HSE disruption and enhance your safety standards by integrating emerging digitech for worker safety and achieve a zero incident culture in your organisation

SESSION 2: Consistent Responsibility: Training & Audit

  • Analyse the importance of effective communication and regular training to improve the safety culture in your organisation and ensure worker compliance with HSE policies and procedures at all times
  • Review workplace safety practices by assessing risks and implementing measures to prevent accidents and injuries with the help of advanced digital resources
  • Evaluate how effective HSE management can develop a positive health & safety culture and improve worker morale with the help of regular training, audit, consultation and inspection

SESSION 3: Effective Management: Process Safety

  • Review your HSE management and develop safety plans to ensure they are compatible between all work sites; maintain performance standards to prevent significant business and environmental damages
  • Understand the impact of poor process safety management to avoid the risk of legal implications and protect your organisation’s credibility
  • Unlock the value of effective PSM by proactively identifying, evaluating and preventing major hazards due to toxic chemical releases that are a result of failed processes or equipment; or unsafe disposal of hazardous material

SESSION 4: Resilient Future of HSE: Sustainability through ESG Practices

  • Learn how your organisation can enhance HSE management to drive sustainability by adopting disruptive technologies to accelerate ESG gains
  • Understand how to achieve sustainability through net-zero solutions by implementing data and reporting factors impacting climate change
  • Access actionable insights on how you can stay on track by collecting and analysing data, allowing your organisation to move from reactive management of incidents to embracing proactive approaches

SESSION 5: Psychological Based Safety

  • Recognise the benefits of utilising effective tools and training options to prioritise psychological wellbeing and achieve an optimised behavioural safety process for your employees
  • Access information on how you can create an effective action plan to avoid business consequences that are a result of poor employee productivity, engagement and morale
  • Understand how good leadership is critical to foster psychological safety by setting clear expectations, providing constructive feedback and encouraging open dialogue

SESSION 6: New Projects Announcement

  • Review the legislative updates of global companies and how these are being administered for regional upcoming mega projects
  • Examine the hazards of working at heights at various premises, develop a plan to improve worker safety by harnessing effective PPE and new risk assessment technologies
  • Assess the importance of inspection and training to conform to safety standards and reduce risks and project downtime


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